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What a useful and great support design of being well considered in every aspect





健身重訓 鍛鍊變得更容易,更安全,又超有效!!
Always makes your training so great and more efficiency especially !!


It gives terrific results in Lat Pull Downs, Pull Ups, Dumbbells, Barbell, Shrug, back rows, other back and shoulder,. exercises in training.

專利獨步的可調圈套結構絕對發力倍增輕易突破組數和重量的瓶頸 !
More weights and more repeations cause of the Exact EaseGrip

使用Exact EaseGrip 倍速練 倍力帶拉帶藉由專利獨有的調整方式以及超方便定位的黏扣帶,Exact EaseGrip倍速練 倍力帶可以快速合適不同大小的手並且更為穩固抓握器材的握把由於是紮實的套環套助,而不是一般僅利用既不穩定又不可靠的摩擦阻力方式來抓握握把,手部當然不滑脫,而且抓握的更持久,同時因為無滑脫的顧慮,相關肌肉群便不會因緊繃而導致錯位施力如此源源力量可以轉注到要承重的肌群鍛鍊動作更確實,效果因而大幅提升同時鍛鍊期也迅速縮短!!
it is
 uniquely designed of patent with fully adjustable lifting-strap & wrist-wrapping which can be used like a sheath on the handle of different equipments for comfort, stability and effectiveness.

Super heavy-duty of stitching

To compose for super heavy-duty stitching, and marked our logotype at the top of the wrist strap,a meaning of keeping up pragmatically


One size fits all

The great buckling for fitting is available, moving forward to beautify each edge of straps and every details of composing



倍力帶之初 力量爆發解密
EXACT EaseGrip how to explode your energy 

上場台灣的當時,蒙鐵克站長信任有加, 推薦這100%土生土長的新創品,並加以命名為倍力帶,秉著信心和堅持,默默地走過許多個年頭,我們是在台灣完全製造,且更堅持致力於更完美的倍力帶
解密之所以能爆發源源不斷的力量, “倍力”般將重訓的瓶頸,重量和組數輕易突破
一般的拉力帶用手握力抓握住,藉著不可靠的摩擦阻力方式也僅僅多殘喘堅持數秒,手握力一衰竭便不得已提早中斷, 倍力帶之所以稱名 “倍力”,便是使用可直接調整為套環的專利紮實拉帶,穩固套拉助力,無須擔憂手握脫滑,進而自然導力主鍛鍊的大肌群,絕對完爆肌力,如此操練後,眼睛都閃亮起來,直呼力量倍增!力量倍增!不管是重量或組數都提升了!當然肌肉的厚實度也會超乎想像躍進 !!
倍力帶可以達到一般拉力帶或其他等等的助力帶無法到達的鍛鍊境界,現在我們要向台灣健身好友致敬,一則理清市場上的來自已出口國外的回銷或平行輸入的國外多代版款的殘量及非正式宣傳,也廣而告知原創之倍力帶,自推出以來,已成為重訓不可缺的利器,完整具備舒適穩固,高效率,高安全並且非常耐用的高CP值, 現特別加註-歷練二字,代表最重要的長久時間的歷練!! 終極的推薦一心想要練就厚實肌群的重訓人,戴上倍力帶-歷練 一起爆肌揮汗吧 !!!

Today, the evolution of straps is still remaining on a simple and primordial entwined or to rely on the “friction” method, they are all substance improved if compare with bare hands. But considering the safety, they are not a perfect/mature tool aids.
Because of an unique design for the adjustable method, EXACT EaseGrip can fit for all kinds of hands and working equipments, as long as to make sure buckles have tied up and adhered to each other; When training, easily hang up the strap with fingers and the result will be conspicuous increased!For instance, Normally, when you train the back muscles will still use the strength of two hands for the grasp. If you use EASE GRIP for the assistance then you can improve grip with less finger and hand fatigue, thus training period can be reduced and also the result will be early prominence
Let’s say, a real story of knowing about EXACT EaseGrip-practice straps of HIPPOmate,
we created and provided with HIPPOmate’s original version EXACT EaseGrip strap to international markets for long time. we do appreciate Mr. Shieh’s absolute trust that he’s the chief of TAKE’s bodygym, loving bodybuilding, offering us a great help in Taiwan market for long ,…. And the present here, the new EXACT EaseGrip-practice is the best assistant for bodybuilding, in the meantime, we remark a word “practice” to clear knowing the EXACT EaseGrip-practice that is the new perfect original version with uncunting experiences and different form others are in Taiwan market,and there’re Informal versions of order of many foreign buyers also , therefore, EXACT EaseGrip-practice is coming on, hope everyone can get the good training and beantiful body muscles as well !!

倍力帶 創作概念

In all kinds of sports, intensity and skills can be accomplished by muscle movements in coordination with the strength of the limbs. Thus, it is important to intensify your exercise to the appropriate muscle while workout. For sport lovers, exercise can be improved, safe and effective by adopting auxiliary measures i n the course of practice.

倍力帶 功能和如何使用

人體內有七個主要肌肉群,包括腹部,大腿,胸部,背部,肩部,肱三頭肌和肱二頭肌。在訓練身體和鍛煉每個肌肉群的同時,絕大多數器材需要雙手抓握才能達到鍛煉目的。倍速練 倍力帶可以適用於不同尺寸的手和各種設備進行獨特的調整,鍛煉可以簡單,安全和有效。 使用健身設備訓練背部肌肉時,於手腕上裝備倍速練 倍力帶並緊固EASE GRIP,可以支撐和加強手指以更長時間握住和握住設備。此外,它提高了效率,並進一步縮短了訓縳時間。
There are seven primary muscle groups in human body, including abdominals, thighs, chest, back, shoulders, triceps and biceps. While building up body and exercising every muscle group, great majority of the body equipments require both hands to grasp in order to achieve the goal of exercising.
EXACT aseGrip can be suitable for hands of different size and all kinds of apparatus in unique adjustment. By lifting and sticking the adhesive straps accordingly, exercise can be easy, safe and effective. Building up back muscle by body building apparatus, equipping and tightening EASE GRIP on the wrists, it can support and strengthen the fingers to hold and grasp the apparatus longer. In addition, it enhances efficiency and, furthermore, reduces the training period.
Please do check each part of EXACT EaseGrip accordingly before using. More importantly, the nylon sticks to the buckles must be attached completely. It’s necessary to press the nylon sticks to the buckles of sturdy straps by your fingers to ensure the straps from loosening. With proper usage, you can intensify exercises to your wished muscle.
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